'Synergy' is a 17th century derivative of the Latin 'synergia' ( Greek 'Synergos') which simply means working together.

What makes synergy so special is that it produces a result impossible to obtain by any of the parties working independently. Synergism means that each person magnifies/enhances the actions of their partner, so that the combined action/effort by co-operation/teamwork between you and your spouse produces an overall better result than if only one of you was working toward the same goal individually.

In God’s mathematics, one person will put to flight 1000, but two of you working in synergy have the capacity to put to flight 10000! JHD Synergy is all about teaching you how to make your marriage the “lil” taste of heaven on earth that God had originally intended! And having fun as you hang out with other couples.

Jesus House Dallas recognizes that strong marriages are the foundation of all that we do. 2014 has brought a wave of emphasis on acquiring the tools to blissful unions through programs like the Alpha Marraige Course and Passion Experience.

We are passionate about understanding, teaching and celebrating the very practical teachings of marriage in the Bible.

A Strong, Loving and Lifelong Relationship doesn't happen b chance. It takes effort and dedication to keep the fun and romance alive. We can all learn to make even the happiest marriage better.

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